ReinigingsDemoDagen is the meeting place for the waste and cleaning industry. The perfect moment for face-to-face contact and your product or innovation in the spotlight!

These companies can participate:
• Members of RAI Vereniging and association Klair
• Other industry-related companies


About us
The Reinigingsdemodagen is The Dutch trade fair of cleaning equipment and vehicles for the industrial and government sector. All leading manufacturers showcase their latest products: refuse collection vehicles, portable and static compactors, sweepers, components, waste management services, pressure/vacuum trucks, waste containers, etc. Also demonstrations of the cleaning vehicles will take place.

The ReinigingsDemodagen is united with the RAI Association, a trade association of importers of road transport equipment manufacturers. The core of the event is formed by the 17 members of the Department Cleaning Vehicles RAI CarrosserieNL. From the start these members have collectively opted for a private event on the principle ‘FOR the members, BY the members`. This is an important factor in the success of the fair: these 17 members represent more than 90% of the industry and their customers.


Own concept
The origin of the trade fair lies with the Ecotech Europe, where the suppliers presented themselves collectively in a `carousel` by an active demonstration of cleaning vehicles. This was very much appreciated by the visitors. Because of that success, it was transformed to a private exhibition concept `ReinigingsDemoDagen` in 2003. This first event in Autotron Rosmalen was a great success and has become the trade fair for cleaning professionals. At the last event, over more than 85 exhibitors took part.
The event is an initiative of the ReinigingsDemoDagen Foundation with representatives the RAI Association and Klair.

Contact details
Stichting ReinigingsDemoDagen
c / o RAI Vereniging
Europaplein 6
1078 GZ Amsterdam
PO Box 74800
1070 DM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
020-504 49 49


Contact person
Ilse Bartels, exhibition manager (


ReinigingsDemoDagen (RDD) has become the leading trade fair for the waste and cleaning sectors last few years. A statement for everyone who is professionally active in the waste and cleaning world. Representatives of municipal cleaning services, provinces, water, waste processors and related companies will discover the latest technologies, innovations, trends, developments and products, see for yourself and experience.
In 2023 , our unique, approachable and accessible for free networking event for suppliers and customers in this innovative industry again place at the Nationaal Militair Museum in Soest.

We are looking forward to welcome you!